We’re continuing twice weekly

Now at Ford Park at 12:30 till 14:00 on Mondays and


At Owl  Barn in back lane off Church Walk on Fridays at the same time


Another lovely experience

This time in a different hall – at the Methodist’s – much larger. Excellent sound system again. In fact we’re thinking of using this hall every week possibly on a Friday because of the uncertainty over the availability of the Williams Room at Ford Park.


We’re finding that this experience is like meditation – the way we do it – without instruction . We are taken away from thinking in a reasoned way it put far more in touch with our emotions. Because the music is familiar we are able to totally relax and become aware of bodies: exploring every part of it and check for any stiffness.

Twice a week is brilliant

We’re really won over to this activity. What’s more we thoroughly like the kind of people that enjoy doing this with us. They are so refreshing in their outlook.


What’s even more we’re thinking of doing it once a month in Lancaster on the second  Tuesday morning in the month at 9:00 until 10:30 am.

The sessions get better and better

Geoff has found of way to add variety whilst maintaining familiarity. New stimulating music is added from time to time and we find we want to keep going for longer – which we do. We’re having a lovely enjoyable time using the room and the ouside  terrace. We’ve got new things happening all the time. Today it was carrying on a conversation whilst dancing separately. People love the flexibility of moving in an unrestricted way.


The absence of instruction makes it feel like a wonderful type of meditation to music. Incredibly relaxing as we check any part of our bodies that need a bit of a stretch through lack of use.

Twice a week

We’re enjoying ourselves so much that we’ve booked a second period of ‘dance’ this next Friday 14th March at 12:35 for an hour. That will be twice in a week. We can do this every Monday and see what’s available for the following Friday. Watch this space if you’re interested.

An added feature – the terrace

Something that made us all thrilled with the new experience : The weather outside was so sunny that we could move outside onto the lovely terrace of this Ford Park building. With an open door into the open air and views of the sky and surrounding hills and sea we could dance/ move in and out to enjoying these views as well as the music. An added feature to an amazing experience.